Treatments for Pets

Our animal companions are often in need of healing just as we are. My experience with dogs and cats is that they are very energetically sensitive and respond very well to both qigong treatments and acupressure with massage. I can offer the following services for animal companions:

Medical Qigong Healing

Medical Qigong treatments for animals work in the same way as those for humans. Animals are usually much more sensitive however, so a much lighter "energetic" frequency is needed. I do not have an on-site clinic in which I can easily accommodate dogs, so most Medical Qigong treatments for animal companions will be done in your own home. Medical Qigong treatments can be done on all animal companions. Due to the travel time involved, I am only able to offer this service in parts of Tuolumne County.

Remote Energetic Healing

Remote or Distance Treatments follow the same framework as a medical qigong treatment but are performed with the client (your animal companion) in a distant location from the healing practitioner. With a remote treatment, your animal friend can stay in the comfort of home and receive healing energy from afar. Distance treatments may seem pretty "out there", but I encourage you to try one if you have a furry friend that needs a little help. Let them tell you if they feel that the session was helpful. You might be very surprised! Medical Qigong treatments can be done on all animal companions.

Acupressure Consultation

Most dogs LOVE acupressure and being massaged. With an Acupressure Consultation, I can show you how to apply gentle acupressure and massage to your companion that will address his or her particular needs. This will allow you to continue treating your dog daily in between any treatments I may be doing. Acupressure Consultations are available for dogs only.