Medical Qigong Treatments

What is Medical Qigong?

Medical Qigong is a very ancient branch of Chinese Medicine based on the concept that illness is rooted in energetic patterns. A Medical Qigong Therapist attempts to correct imbalances and blockages in those energetic patterns by emitting Qi into the patient's tissues, organs, and meridians. Because it addresses the root cause of illness or disharmony in a very holistic fashion, Medical Qigong is sometimes very successful in treating diseases or syndromes that Western Medicine finds problematic.

A standard Medical Qigong treatment usually has two components:Energetic treatment

  • Energetic work or qigong treatments from a Medical Qigong Practitioner.
    During Medical Qigong treatments, the Therapist regulates the client's Qi and corrects imbalances in the client's energetic patterns. Treatments last about an hour, during which time the client relaxes on a massage table, or sits in a chair.
  • Self-cultivation practices or prescriptions
    As part of a Medical Qigong Treatment plan, the client will often be given Qigong exercises or meditations to perform on their own. These practices strengthen and reinforce the efficacy of the energetic treatments and greatly add to the success of the treatment.

What will I experience during a Qigong Treatment?

During the treatment, most people enter a state in which they are deeply relaxed, yet aware. Clients often report seeing colored lights during a session. Some people may feel vibrations, sensations of cold or heat, or spontaneous muscle movement. Emotions can be experienced during a treatment as feelings that have been buried in the organs and tissues of the body are released. And while those emotions may not feel completely pleasant, by releasing them, you allow yourself to heal in a very complete way.

After the treatment, it is common for people to comment that they feel "lighter" or "brighter". Everyone experiences a Qigong treatment differently, however, and the experience you have will be the one that is right for you at that particular moment.

Medical Qigong as an Complementary Health Practice

A Medical Qigong Practitioner seeks to support, not replace your primary health care practitioner. Some forms of alternative health care require you to chose between modern western medical care, and "alternative" treatments. One of the advantages of Medical Qigong is that it can be easily integrated into your existing health care regimen. If you are preparing to undergo a new medical therapy, such as chemotherapy or radiation, Medical Qigong can help you assimilate and integrate these treatments.

Remote Treatments and Consultations Available