Healing Treatments

Healing Body, Mind and Soul

Chinese Medicine works with the body very differently than Western Medicine. I offer a range of modalities designed to access your body's own healing resources. Modalities range from almost completely hands off (Qigong) to very vigorous hands on (Tuina) to something inbetween.

Each modality offers deep therapeutic benefits.
If you are not sure which one to chose, we can decide together during your initial appointment. In all my treatments, I work with the channels and meridians of oriental medicine, as well as the model of the Five Elements.

For clients that are motivated to do self work, I am very pleased to include self-healing exercises as part of your treatment plan. These may be as simple as learning acupressure points to further stimulate healing started during a treatment. Or, they can be as thorough as learning several qigong exercises designed to help your body release toxins and patterns that are not serving you, and help you to learn new patterns.

I offer all my services on a sliding scale basis and try to keep treatments affordable for my clients. If you are motivated to heal, I will be motivated to help.