What is Acupressure?

In Chinese medicine, it is believed that there are channels and meridians of energy that move throughout the body. The channels are viewed as rivers of energy flowing from one body part to another, from organ to organ, and system to system. Energy flows along the channels, nourishing the entire body, mind and spirit. If there is an obstruction along the channel, the energy may not flow properly, and the internal organs may not be able to function properly. This is viewed as a contributing factor to the development of disease or illness.

Many people are familiar with Acupuncture, in which very thin needles are inserted into special points, or gates, along the channels. This is believed to help correct energy flow along the channels, regulate imbalances among the organ systems, and promote natural healing within the body. Acupressure utilizes the same points and channels. Instead of needles, a practitioner of acupressure uses soft, gentle pressure along the points to access the channel.

The style of acupressure I practice is known as Ren Shen acupressure or “Compassion Spirit” acupressure. This is a very soft energetic style that is deeply relaxing and nurturing to the body and spirit. It works very well with Medical Qigong, and I often integrate both practices within a session.
What should I expect from an Acupressure treatment?

I recommend you wear soft and comfortable clothes for your treatment. You will lay on a comfortable massage table, fully clothed. The temperature of the room will be adjusted for you. During the session, we will visit a range of points on your body, using a very gentle, relaxed pressure. Most clients find acupressure treatments to be deeply relaxing.