Qigong Workshops

Woman doing qigong

For 2019 I will be offering  an ongoing series in which I will be teaching the Daoyins for the Yin Organs.  Workshops will be held at least once, each season.  At the end of the series, participants will have learned a very powerful self-healing set.

No previous experience required.  You need to be able to  alternately sit, stand and move for a 2 hour class. You need to be able to safely walk across uneven ground from your parking space to the Meditation room.

This workshop will be held at my private meditation room, which is quite small.  For this reason, registration will be limited to a small group of people, and registration and payment in advance will be required. Registration fees  of $30 will be non-refundable.

These Workshops have been very popular, so attendance at this time is limited to those people who have attended at least one of the previous Workshops this year.