Weekly Qigong Classes

Monday evenings: 6:15-7:15 pm

This class is designed to be accessible to students just starting a Qigong practice, while offering refinement, and detail to more experienced Qigong practitioners.

Our core practice is drawn from the Hun Yuan Chuan Qigong Set. This is an easy series of movements, similar to Tai Chi, that can be infused with intent and visualizations to address a wide variety of health issues.
To that core practice, we will add seasonally appropriate Qigong practices to strengthen those organ and energetic systems that are most challenged by the season we find ourselves in. We will work with healing sounds and light.
We will weave in a wealth of qigong theory as we develop practices that nourish and balance Body, Mind and Soul.
New students are always welcome.

Classes will be held at Five Claw Martial Arts. 14317 Mono Way, Sonora CA. Five Claw has a beautiful studio on Mono Way (the old 108) between Hess Avenue and Hillsdale Dr.

Please wear comfortable clothes to class that will allow you to move easily. Please note that we do not wear shoes in the studio, so be prepared to work in bare feet or in comfy socks.

If you have questions about the class, please contact me directly using the contact information on this website or call me at 209-743-4422.

For your convenience, you may

Register and Pay for the Class Online.

Coming Soon! A New Morning Class!

Starting in January I will also be teaching a new morning class. For more details, please call me!