Qigong for the Kidneys

blue water

Colored light meditations are always an easy way to tonify our organs and our energy fields, and winter is usually a time when we need lots of gentle tonification. The color that resonates most strongly with the Kidneys is blue, so to energize our Kidneys, we fill them with deep saturated blue light.

You can do this meditation either lying, sitting, or standing.

If you are sitting, your feet should be flat on the floor, hands on your thighs. If you are lying down, it would be best if you bend your legs so that your feet are flat on the floor. Support your thighs, buttocks and hips by placing a yoga belt below your knees so that you can relax your foundational pelvic muscles while still maintaining contact with the earth.

If you are standing, you should be in a yin posture, holding the 18 rules of posture with hands either by your side, or in front of your lower dantien.

Close your eyes. Breath into the bottoms of your feet. You might go through all the areas of your body and give them permission to release and melt into the earth. Visualize a beautiful pool of blue water in front of you. You can see a light shining from deep within the pool. A blue mist rises up over the water. Begin to breath the blue mist into your body: inhaling through your nose and letting the blue light or blue mist descend down to your Kidneys as you gentle exhale (also through the nose).

Let the blue light fill your Kidneys, so that they glow brighter and brighter with each breath. You can continue for as long as you would like, until your Kidneys are glowing inside like beautiful blue gems.

After you have filled them with blue light, take time to notice how your body feels, how your energy feels. Notice the bottoms of your feet, rooted to the earth.

Notice your breath.

As with all practices, do three Pulling Down the Heavens afterwards to settle and root your energy.