Qigong Workshops

Woman doing qigong

For 2020 I will again be offering an ongoing Qigong Workshop series.

This is set of Workshops in which I teach Qigong exercises for each of the Yin Organs. At least five Workshops are held throughout the year, once each season, with optional monthly practice sessions. Participants who complete the series learn a very powerful, self-healing set that addresses physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

Qigong for the Kidneys

blue water
Colored light meditations are always an easy way to tonify our organs and our energy fields, and winter is usually a time when we need lots of gentle tonification. The color that resonates most strongly with the Kidneys is blue, so to energize our Kidneys, we fill them with deep saturated blue light.

Winter and Kidneys

winter snow

Chinese Medicine, and certain forms of qigong, are both based in part on the model of the Five Elements. The Five Elements as a model gives us a way to model the world and ourselves. The elements of Chinese medicine are: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.  Each element is associated with certain organs in the body. Each element is also associated with a particular season. So as we go through the year, each season brings its own challenges and opportunities to our body and our emotions.

Winter Nutrition

bowl of soup

In Chinese medicine, the foods we eat should change throughout the year to best support our bodies and energies according to the season we are in. Winter is considered the most Yin of the seasons, and is associated with the Kidneys. The tone of Winter is characterized by stillness and quiet. It is a time to rest, integrate the harvest of the year, and prepare for the coming spring. Food choices for the winter support this. We take advantage of the foods we have harvested in autumn.